Coffee grows on trees which is cultivated to be around 30 feet (3 meters) tall for easy picking. Coffee beans are actually seeds from coffee cherries or also known as bright-red berries. Coffee berries are picked, dried and stripped down until all that’s left is a green bean. We are the top solution for those who are looking for high-quality green beans. Our green bean are specifically hand-crafted prepared for you.

Harvest the ripe cherries. Sort and float the cherries. Pulp the cherries. Compost the cherry skins and use a fertilizer.

Ferment the beans for 12 hours. Wash the fermented beans. Shade dry the beans for two days. Continue to dry the beans in a UV greenhouse. Rest the beans for at least one month.

Dry hull the beans to remove the parchment. Hand sort the green coffee beans. Package all the sorted coffee beans.